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Music Therapy is an evidence-based profession where the planned and creative use of music-based interventions by an IACAT-accredited music therapist supports people to improve, restore or maintain health, functioning and well-being (IACAT, 2016) This definition is one of many which describe the process of Music Therapy. At the core of this process is the relationship which evolves through shared experiences in practical music making and listening. The music is the medium through which we work towards agreed goals. The length of treatment varies depending on needs. Short term and longer term interventions are both available. This can be explored at the assessment stage.

Depending on age and the needs of the client, the duration of a session usually last from 30 minutes to 1 hour. This will be agreed in advance. There can be exceptions.  Read more….

It is critical to recognise the importance of the relationship which develops between the music therapist and the client through the course of the process. This is an alliance that allows for important emotional processes to evolve which may help the client progress.  Read more…

Music can serve as an important emotional outlet, an alternative means of expression and through the supportive therapy process, a pathway towards improved quality of life.  Read more...

Private sessions are currently held at a spacious and bright private studio in the Terryland district of Galway City. Workshops and group sessions can be set up at suitable venues in consultation with interested parties.

Engaging, fun, inclusive. Ronan’s ability to connect with our range of students was really impressive. We’d love to have him every week” 

Phil O’Connor & Paul Carroll

Staff @ The Claddagh National School (St. Nicholas)

Tel: 087 943 0927


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